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How It Works




There are two groups of people in the financial world:

  1. Non-expert Investors: This category covers most of us - we are individuals with money to invest - small amounts or large amounts - but we don't know a lot about investing and we don't have the time (or maybe even the desire) to learn everything we need to know to be successful putting this money to work.  We need a smart plan which is easy to follow for the long term.
  2. Experts Investors: This is that rare group of smart people who have the time and do the hard work to amass a tremendous amount of knowledge about investing.  These experts have shown that they can make good decisions through past performance.  This does not guarantee that all of their future decisions will be correct but they are more likely to succeed than most of us due to their education, intelligence, and the amount of work they put into the process. 

Which group above do you belong to? 


This website is built to provide significant value for BOTH groups.  Please select the link below of the group which best describes your level of investing skill and read our straight forward business plan showing how we think you will benefit from the tools and content of InvestorVision.


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