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ABOUT US had its genesis in 2000.  We believe there are thousands of  extremely intelligent, hard-working, and talented people across the world who may not personally have millions of dollars to invest on Wall Street and therefore may never have the opportunity to prove their portfolio management ability in a real life environment.  InvestorVision gives these brilliant individuals the chance to show the world what they can do.  We know that many of our members/managers are far more talented than the so-called "professionals".

This is a serious website for serious investors and for those who want to learn about investing in an environment where real money is not at risk. No one can predict the future. We can't promise to make you money - no one can. But we can promise that we are finding incredible investment talent the world over and channeling that talent into investments and information for the benefit of our customers.

This website is here for the long-term.  It will expand each year based on direct input from you.  We look forward to working with you to build this unique place for financial information exchange. 

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